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Friday, May 27, 2016

Montgomery County MD's first LGBTQ youth prom!

Tonight we chaperoned the MoCo MD LGBTQ Youth Forum’s Pride Prom (A Time Travelers' Ball; steampunk-themed), right here in Gaithersburg (my partner Julia’s hometown and our current home) – the first queer youth prom in this county!

Julia attended the ’89 Gaithersburg High School prom and I the ’94 Newton North High School (suburban Boston MA) one -- I was half of the first (?) LGBTQ couple to do so, and went on to attend and chaperone the BAGLY Prom (Boston Alliance of LGBTQ youth) the oldest in the country.

In addition to DJ ‘Zo, we had a crew from HOT 99.5 (FM, DC), including DJ Houston, who is gay; and much of the food was donated by &Pizza and Wegmans (Germantown).

Our vest and some of the rest of our outfits are thrifted, and our orchids are from one of our houseplants.

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