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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference – May 31st through June 1st

The 11th annual Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference starts at the end of this month -- Thursday May 31st through Saturday June 2ndIt’s the largest trans con in the world – about 2,000 people from all over the country and world – and it’s FREE!  3 full days of workshops and activities focused on the health and well-being of transgender people, communities and allies.  Last year there were more than 185 workshops and 30 other activities.  Also a great space for our families, friends, allies and providers.  Since 2006, PTHC has been a program of the Mazzoni Center. 

I’m a member of PTHC’s Spirituality Advisory Group, which is helping to organize the Spirituality track for the 4th year in a row – this year is the largest and most diverse ever.  I’m co-chair of the SAG’s Jewish Working Group  (with Shelley Kapnek Rosenberg in Philly), which helps organize the Jewish workshops and other programming – including the 1st/4th annual Erev Shabbat dinner and service*!  This is actually my first time working on and attending the con, and it’s been a great experience.      

The day before PTHC starts, Wednesday May 30th, will be the 2nd annual TransFaith Caucuses – including a Jewish one:

PTHC Spirituality track:
(2nd link doesn’t include workshops, but you can search for them at the Schedule tab)

*PTHC Erev Shabbat dinner and service, Friday June 1st.  ALL are welcome – Trewish (trans and Jewish) or not!  Joy Ladin will be speaking at both, and the service will be led by Jewish Working Group members and other attendees.  Please pre-register and pre-pay if possible, and please contact us with any issues:

The day after PTHC ends,  Sunday June 3rd, there will be worship opportunities.  Stay tuned for more information about that.