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Sunday, November 14, 2010

MTPC's "I AM : Trans People Speak" -- a public education campaign

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition has been working on a new public education campaign --
"I AM: Trans People Speak" -- "I AM" is a multi-media campaign aimed at educating the public about the diversity of the transgender communy and our families, friends, and allies.

Each person's story begins with a few "I am..." statements. I chose to tell my story as a video, and was filmed by MTPC. My statements are "I am an interfaith leader, I am a writer and an artist, I am a life partner, and I am also a transgender person."

I'm also one of the people in the video ad for the campaign:

Tonight is the launch party -- the "I AM" website goes live tonight!

A Launch Party: I AM: Trans People Speak
Sunday, November 14th, 2010
5:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Bella Luna/Milky Way at the Brewery Complex
284 Amory Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

RSVP to or visit

The launch party is free and open to all ages, with light refreshments, a cash bar and dancing. MTPC will be premiering videos and other materials from the campaign.

MTPC is still accepting applications for stories -- the project will be ongoing.

We are looking for trans people, as well as family members, partners, friends and providers to share their stories. This collection of stories aims to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions of trans individuals by highlighting the realities of their lived experience. These voices span across a diversity of communities and intersecting identities.

By providing a forum where these unique stories can be shared and given significance, I AM fosters support and raises awareness for trans communities. There is no one trans narrative. Each individual has their own unique story to tell, and these voices can no longer be silenced.

Personal stories change lives, laws, and policies.

We are looking for people who feel comfortable sharing their experience through a video interview. We realize that due to safety and/or confidentiality this may not be possible for everyone -- so audio stories, photo essays, and written stories may also be submitted. Names may be changed if needed.

All participants will be given the opportunity to tell their story in their preferred language. We are also looking for spokesmodels – those who can appear in promotional materials.

People of faith are particularly needed, and there is a special need for clergy and lay leaders. Please consider sharing your story, and inviting others to do so.

: - )) Mycroft

Mycroft Masada Holmes
Chair, Interfaith Coalition for Transgender Equality
Chair, Training Committee, Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition
Emeritus Founding Chair, Transgender Working Group (TWiG), Keshet