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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Queering Fat Embodiment #QFE

TODAY at 4:00 EST -- the global book launch of Queering Fat Embodiment, edited by Cat PauséJackie Wykes, and Sam Murray; part of Ashgate Publishing's Queer Interventions series.  #QFE

Facebook event text:

"Cat Pausé, Jackie Wykes, and Sam Murray are excited to announce the publication of our edited book, Queering Fat Embodiment, as part of Ashgate’s Queer Interventions series.


A global book launch will be held on Google Hangouts at the following local times:

Friday 20 June, 2014:
Singapore 4 am
Melbourne 6 am
Auckland 8 am

Thursday 19 June, 2014:
San Francisco 1 pm
Dallas 3 pm
Toronto 4 pm
New York 4 pm
London 9 pm

The link for the event is:


Shedding light on the ways in which fat embodiment is lived, experienced, regulated and (re)produced across a range of cultural sites and contexts, Queering Fat Embodiment destabilises established ideas about fat bodies, making explicit the intersectionality of fat identities. It represents a paradigm shift within fat studies, challenging the field of study which has primarily reproduced a white, able-bodied, heteronormative subjectivity in its analyses.

Contributing authors include Katie LeBesco, Robyn Longhurst, Jenny Lee, Margitte Kristjansson, Stefanie Jones, Kimberly Dark, Zoë Meleo-Erwin, James Burford, Sam Orchard, and Scott Beattie. This text is a must have for anyone interested in fat studies, fat politics, queer theory, and embodiment.


The editors will be conducting a social media book tour.
If you would like a guest post, excerpt, interview, live reading, or something else, please let
us know by completing this form:

Please use the tag #QFE when referencing the book on social media.


Queering Fat Embodiment is available in hard cover and e-book formats and can be purchased directly from Ashgate ( – online orders automatically receive a 10% discount), as well as Amazon, Book Depository, and other outlets.

Journalists and academics may request a review copy from the publisher via Debbie Fattore ("