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Friday, November 7, 2008

My 6th surgery anniversary!

Today is the 6th anniversary of my chest surgery (I had my chest changed from more female to more intersex / alien)!

I celebrated by sponsoring the oneg ("joy", refreshments after the service and bread and wine / grape juice) at my synagogue, Congregation Am Tikva. (It’s common at synagogues for members to sponsor onegs and other things in honor of special occasions, and I’ve occasionally done it at CAT.)

I brought Trader Joe’s cakes, mini pastries and fruit salad. I decorated with TJ’s gelt (chocolate coins wrapped in foil to look like real coins, usually a Hanukah thing) and roses, and my own Jewish decorations. As always, I also wanted to be symbolic / thematic and funny – so I bought two more things at the Sweet N’ Nasty, a sex-themed bakery and ‘novelty’ shop here in Boston. On top of each cake, I placed and lit a votive candle -- dyed and molded to look like a breast. I also put out a plate of nickel-sized white chocolate truffles – also dyed and molded thusly.

As I’d thought, it was a good way to do something I should do anyway while creating a “teachable moment” about transgender issues.