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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Smile, Sizeist!"

"Smile, Sizeist!" is a new anti-sizeism-harassment project by Substantia Jones of  Adipositivity fame.

Next time someone's a dick to you about your size, raise your most powerful weapons. Your voice and your camera.

When it comes to weight bullying, one size does not fit all. In my opinion, educating the perpetrator is a noble and worthy goal, but a distant third behind physical protection and walkawayability. Walkawayability is your lingering comfort level with what just went down. This is prime objective stuff, ‘cause it lasts forever. Your safety and psyche matter more than the harasser’s personal growth. Sometimes the walkawayability of an exchange will be at zero or one. You can’t always get it right. But there will be times it’s a full-out ten. There are as many correct responses to sizeist harassment as there are objects of it. Here’s my personal fave:

1) Aim your camera.
2) Say “Smile, Sizeist.” Or don’t.
3) Shoot.
4) Share. Preferably both the image and the story. At


When creating and/or posting photos or videos with accompanying text, please don’t do anything violent, dangerous, or illegal. I’m also kinda weird about cursing in front of children, but I guess sometimes y’gotta fight fuckery with ‘fucks.’ Unkind references about the harasser’s appearance, age, race, gender, sexuality, or physical ability will be deleted.

I’m busy. Don’t make me edit you, a’ight?

Submit by going to You don't need to have a tumblr account to submit. If you’d like to post anonymously, make certain you’re not logged in to tumblr when submitting.


Q: Oh hi. I can post pics of my actual dick, right?
A: Nope.

A: Are you that chick who takes pictures of naked fat ladies?
Q: Yup.

Q: How might one contact you to lodge a series of complaints, tell you you’re a misguided idiot, or inquire as to why you’re spelling ‘sizeist’ with an e?
A: smilesizeist “at”

Q: Why do you spell ‘sizeist’ with an e?
A: I know, right? That’s actually the correct, common, and accepted spelling. Seems counter-intuitive and unpleasant to look at, doesn’t it? Kind of fitting.

Q: I find that many fun and/or satisfying things are illegal. Is this one of them?
A: In the US, a photo taken in public is owned and controlled by the photographer, not the subject. The exception to this is when it's taken in a public place which offers a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as a public restroom. If you believe it may be unlawful where you live, check that first. Conversely, if a submitter uses a photo taken by someone else and therefore owned by that someone else, and they do so without the owner's permission, that is wrong, illegal, and wholly skank. If I learn that a stolen photo has been submitted to, it will be removed, and the user banned. HULK SMASH.

Q: So let me get this straight. Can I or can I not submit pictures of my penis?
A: Really rather you didn’t. This is for the beastly human sort of dick. Not the actual genital winky variety.

A: Would you like me to help spread the word about this, following Smile Sizeist on Twitter and Facebook, saying awfully nice things about you and using the proper URL,
Q: Why yes. Yes I would.

~Substantia Jones"