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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We were MoCo MD Election Judges again

Julia and I were Election Judges for the Montgomery County MD Board of Elections last month, for the second election in a row, for both early voting week and election day. We were also asked to work at canvassing, the process that the BOE goes through after election day, but we weren’t available.

And they will need thousands of people for October and November, and may well not get enough, and they do offer stipends -- I don’t know if / how available we will be, but if you are interested, visit asap.

And now for some of my favorite faith, trans, and scifi / fantasy moments from this election....

A favorite faith moment:

Me: Hello, excuse me, I’m just restocking the pens.
Woman in next voting booth: Oh, thank you. Wait – are people stealing your pens?
Me: Well, yes. Once in a while.
Catholic priest in booth next to her: Thou shalt not steal.
Woman: That’s right!
Me: *LOL* Yes. Yes, it is. Thank you, Father.

A favorite ‪#‎trans‬ moment -- a fellow trans voter gave my fellow judges and I one of these business cards from The Transgender Encounter Project (TEP).  The TEP offers several card designs and texts, and encourages you to design your own; you can also put a pin on their map to show where you’ve used them, donate, read their blog, and more.  ‪#‎transencounter‬

A favorite scifi / fantasy moment:  

Election co-worker: So yes, Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman, came to vote at the precinct I was working at. Oh, and when she left, we found out that she drives a Tesla. Isn’t that interesting?
Me: Yes. But, it would have to be something like that, wouldn’t it? I mean, once you’ve driven an invisible plane -- !
Co-worker: *LOL* You know, I hadn’t thought of that!
Me: I’m just saying.