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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference ~ June 2nd - 4th!

The 10th annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference is Thursday June 2nd through Saturday June 4th! And it will have more faith / religion / spirituality content than ever before. Chris Paige of Trans Faith Online has provided this excellent text:

Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference

2011 marks the third year of TransFaith leadership being involved in planning spiritually-themed events in and around the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference (PTHC).

  • June 2-4, 2011 (Thursday to Saturday, plus pre- and post-events)
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Registration is FREE
  • PTHC is the largest transgender-specific conference in the world
  • Yes! Family, friends, and allies are encouraged to join us!
  • More at

TransFaith Caucuses (pre-event)

Gathering at Old First UCC on June 1, 2011 from 2pm-5pm, this pre-event will allow for transgender people of faith and our allies to gather and connect as we arrive in Philadelphia -- allowing for those relationships to deepen as the conference unfolds. Learn more!

Public Event Pre-Event

This free, public conference pre-event will begin at 7:30pm on Wednesday, June 1, 2011, at Old First UCC and is co-sponsored by the Transgender People of Color Coalition. This panel presentation on gender diversity among indigenous people offers an exciting opportunity to consider how spirituality and identity intersect in some less visible cultural contexts. Learn more!

Spirituality Workshops

Spirituality content at PTHC 2011 (Thursday, June 2 - Saturday, June 4, 2011 will include offerings for transgender people, as well as for allied clergy, mental health professionals, family, and friends.

Spiritual Opportunities

Workshops are great, but it's also healing and empowering to gather for spiritual or religious observances in an intentionally transgender-affirming space. Numerous opportunities will be available in 2011.

And so much more!

There are well over 200 activities planned. Please visit for full details, as well as travel details!

Why at PTHC 2011? There are few places in the world where people of faith can gather to learn about transgender communities in all of our diversity -- not simply to hear about diversity from one or a few presenters, but to walk among transgender people from a variety of races and life experiences. PTHC hosts gender non-conforming children with their familes, youth and young adults, as well as older trans men, trans women, and genderqueer community members. Presenters include national transgender leaders and grassroots organizers, as well as medical and mental health providers. By working within and around the largest, transgender-specific conference in the world, we are able to expose participants to leading experts from a variety of disciplines who can help conference participants to contextualize the role of faith and spirituality in the life of the transgender community.

General Summary

2011 TransFaith Caucuses

Gender Diversity and Indigenous Peoples in Dialogue (public pre-event)