Mycroft Masada is a nonbinary trans and queer Jewish leader with 30 years of experience who moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland (Montgomery County near Washington DC) from their lifelong home of Boston in 2014. A TransEpiscopal Steering Committee member and former Congregation Am Tikva board member, Mycroft is particularly called to pursue LGBTQ+ and fat justice, and is an advocate, organizer, consultant, educator, trainer, writer and artist. They are married to Julia McCrossin, the mas(s)culine fatshion blogger, and with her they co-parent a dogter. Their central online home is

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Monday, September 30, 2019


SHANA TOVA!! Good Year!! Today is Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year’s Day -- last night at sunset we entered Erev Rosh Hashanah, New Year’s Eve, transitioning (ha) from 5779 to 5780.

Today is also my second first wedding anniversary with my Bashert Julia -- we married last year on September 10th, which was then Rosh Hashanah (because the next day was the ninth anniversary of our first in-person meeting); the two calendars rarely align, so we will almost always have two wedding anniversaries every year (and two of most everything else).

Nu, here is a gift my Julia gave me during the first September of our partnership, ten years ago. We first met in an online fat community in July of 2009 -- she had always lived in Maryland or DC and I had always lived in Boston, and that September she visited me for the first time. I took her to my hometown of Brookline (Massachusetts), and she bought me this pendant at Israel Book Shop. It combines two of my most favorite Jewish symbols, the Magen David and the pomegranate (and the latter is a significant symbol of Rosh Hashanah and the rest of the High Holy Days).  It’s pewter with enamel, 2 1/4" including the first bail (I added the second), and was originally part of a keychain. And it has a bit of Hebrew on the back -- transliteration: l'mazal bri-ot l'hatzlachah, translation (loosely): luck for health and success.

May this year be your sweetest, fruitiest, best beJeweled yet! This year and every year, may we schlep ever closer to tikkun olam, world repair, at the intersection of LGBTQI+, climate, immigration, racial, spiritual, fat, disability, and all other shades of the spectrum of justice! Amen!

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