Mycroft Masada is a faith leader who moved to the Washington DC area from hir lifelong home of Boston MA in January 2014; a founding member of TransFaith’s National Council, steering committee member of TransEpiscopal, and former board member of Congregation Am Tikva. Mycroft is called to work for social justice at the intersections of faith, LGBTQI+ and fat communities, and is a writer and artist. Zie is partnered with Julia McCrossin, the mas(s)culine fatshion blogger, and they co-parent a dogter.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trans Pride Oreo!!!


And thanks to my cookie monster Julia for finding this for me!

It's the Trans flag --

Bear Pride Oreo!!!

Squeeeeeee! And wooooooof!

Also -- please tell me that someone else had the junior moment I did: “There should be a Panda Oreo! Oh. Wait. Right.”

Also also -- how can it be that GROWLr and I only have one Facebook Friend in common?!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nicole Lorenz’s awesome body-positive coloring book "Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace"

To use a vintage meme:

My honorary aunt went to Wiscon 36...and all I got was…this awesome body-positive coloring book -- Nicole Lorenz’s “Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace”! Yaaaaay! 

“The idea for Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace came from a panel at WisCon 34, when one panelist asked ‘Why are there no fat butches in space?’” Squeeeee! Why indeed?! Zero the zombie hunter looks the most like my butch – especially apropos considering mine's latest blog entry -- "Zombies: It's a Lifestyle Change, not a Diet".  

Monday, July 2, 2012

PDA : Public Displays of Adiposity - Kiss-A-Thon - deadline next Wednesday July 11th

PDA: Public Displays of Adiposity's Kiss-A-Thon submission deadline is next Wednesday July 11th. 

Submit 1 or more photos of you kissing your significant other, friends, pets, car, ground, tree, camera….to

Your pictures will be posted on More of Me to Love's PDA Nation Blog – between July 14th and 28th, you ask your fans to vote for you by donating 99 cents to pre-production of “User Friendly Vegas”, a documentary exploring mobility accessibility, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the question of empathy in design; they can vote more than once, and you can vote for yourself.

3 winners will win 1 of 3 prizes; prizes also for silliest, most passionate, and coolest setting.

Sponsored by More Of Me To Love, People of Size and Fat Sex: The Naked Truth.

More at the Kiss-A-Thon's website and Facebook event.