Mycroft Masada is a nonbinary trans and queer faith leader with 30 years of experience who moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland (Montgomery County near Washington DC) from their lifelong home of Boston in 2014. A TransEpiscopal Steering Committee member and former Congregation Am Tikva board member, Mycroft is particularly called to pursue LGBTQ+ and fat justice, and is an advocate, organizer, consultant, educator, trainer, writer and artist. They are married to Julia McCrossin, the mas(s)culine fatshion blogger, and with her they co-parent a dogter. Their central online home is

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trans Pride Oreo!!!


And thanks to my cookie monster Julia for finding this for me!

It's the Trans flag --

Bear Pride Oreo!!!

Squeeeeeee! And wooooooof!

Also -- please tell me that someone else had the junior moment I did: “There should be a Panda Oreo! Oh. Wait. Right.”

Also also -- how can it be that GROWLr and I only have one Facebook Friend in common?!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nicole Lorenz’s awesome body-positive coloring book "Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace"

To use a vintage meme:

My honorary aunt went to Wiscon 36...and all I got was…this awesome body-positive coloring book -- Nicole Lorenz’s “Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace”! Yaaaaay! 

“The idea for Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace came from a panel at WisCon 34, when one panelist asked ‘Why are there no fat butches in space?’” Squeeeee! Why indeed?! Zero the zombie hunter looks the most like my butch – especially apropos considering mine's latest blog entry -- "Zombies: It's a Lifestyle Change, not a Diet".  

Monday, July 2, 2012

PDA : Public Displays of Adiposity - Kiss-A-Thon - deadline next Wednesday July 11th

PDA: Public Displays of Adiposity's Kiss-A-Thon submission deadline is next Wednesday July 11th. 

Submit 1 or more photos of you kissing your significant other, friends, pets, car, ground, tree, camera….to

Your pictures will be posted on More of Me to Love's PDA Nation Blog – between July 14th and 28th, you ask your fans to vote for you by donating 99 cents to pre-production of “User Friendly Vegas”, a documentary exploring mobility accessibility, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the question of empathy in design; they can vote more than once, and you can vote for yourself.

3 winners will win 1 of 3 prizes; prizes also for silliest, most passionate, and coolest setting.

Sponsored by More Of Me To Love, People of Size and Fat Sex: The Naked Truth.

More at the Kiss-A-Thon's website and Facebook event.