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Friday, June 17, 2011

Transgender Equal Rights Bill UPDATE

Good morning!

Thank you for your support of the Transgender Equal Rights Bill’s hearing last Wednesday, June 8th! Though shorter and sweeter than the bill's previous hearings, it was still a very challenging 8 ½ hours (1:00 – 9:30 p.m.!); but our community did an excellent job before, during and after hearing day -- especially in presenting a dozen or so themed panels of speakers.

As ICTE, we particularly want to appreciate the panel of clergy we helped organize – Rabbi Joseph Berman, Rev. Stephanie Spellers (Episcopal Church), and Rev. Sue Phillips (Unitarian Universalist Association). The faith community was also significantly represented in the 150 letters of supportive written testimony submitted to the Judiciary Committee, including Bishop M. Thomas Shaw (the diocesan bishop of the Episcopal Church). ICTE's Declaration of Religious and Faith-Based Support for the bill, with its hundreds of signatures, was also presented.

Here's MTPC’s post-hearing debrief –
And here’s the Statehouse’s video of the hearing (in two parts):

The next step is the bill’s lobby day – a week from yesterday!

Transgender Equal Rights Lobby Day
1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
MA Statehouse ~ Grand Staircase

MTPC page:
Facebook event:

RSVP to or 617.778.0519 -- include your name and mailing address and/or legislators’ names so we can check you in faster on Lobby Day. A limited number of transportation stipends (for no/low income) and ride shares are available – include this in your RSVP. Make appointments with your legislators for any time on June 23rd. Gather at the Grand Staircase at 1:00 for a short program of legislative supporters, policy makers, and community members – possibly including a clergy speaker. And check in to receive your Lobby Day packet.

Please attend and invite others! We need the Statehouse to see as many supporters as possible. We particularly need visible clergy, lay leaders and other people of faith – please come vested and/or otherwise “faith flared”. If you can’t RSVP, or meet with a legislator, your presence is still very helpful and much appreciated.

If you can’t attend, MassEquality has a summary of how you can help:

Best wishes for your Summer,

Interfaith Coalition for Transgender Equality (ICTE)
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