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Saturday, June 15, 2019

10 trans people murdered in 2019 in US - all Black trans women!

Shabbat shalom. Today is the 15th day of LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2019, and Pride Day in our county capital Rockville and in Baltimore -- and yet yesterday the at least TENTH transgender person was murdered in this country in 2019, which was the THIRD just this month. Zoe Spears, 23 -- right here in Maryland, in Prince George’s County’s Fairmount Heights at the DC border -- the same location as Ashanti Carmon* in March, and they knew each other. And ALL TEN are Black trans women.

The other nine stolen sisters are Dana Martin, 31, Montgomery, Alabama, January 6th. Jazzaline Ware, age unknown, Memphis, sometime in March. *Ashanti Carmon, 27 -- again, like Zoe, who she knew, here in Maryland, in Prince George’s County’s Fairmount Heights at the DC border, March 30th. Claire Legato, 21, Cleveland, shot April 15th and died May 14th. Muhlaysia Booker, 23, Dallas, May 18th -- having survived a transphobic attack by a group on April 12th. Michelle ‘Tamika’ Washington, 40, Philadelphia, May 19th. Paris Cameron, 20, Detroit, May 25th -- Alunte Davis, 21, and Timothy Blancher, 20, both Black gay men, were also killed, and two other people were injured. Chynal Lindsey, 26, Dallas, June 1st. Chanel Scurlock, 23, Lumberton, North Carolina, June 6th.

Johana ‘Joa’ Medina, 25, a Latinx trans woman from El Salvador, also died on June 1st, in El Paso, Texas -- just hours after being released from ICE custody. Layleen Polanco, an Afro-Latinx trans woman, was found dead in her cell at Rikers (Island Jail, in New York City) on June 7th.

The photo collage at the bottom of this post shows Dana, Ashanti, Claire, Muhlaysia, Michelle, Paris, Chynal, Chanel and Zoe -- I am not finding a photo of Jazzaline yet (and I used Pixlr's Express).

Last year in 2018, more than 30 trans people were murdered here in the US, and well over 300 others elsewhere in our world -- and there have already been dozens of murders in other countries this year. And the great majority of our stolen siblings here are Black, women, and young -- elsewhere, the majority are Latinx trans women and transfeminine people. Too, very little attention is given to the murders, assaults and disappearances of Native / Indigenous people -- especially girls, women, and/or Two Spirit people.

We also continue to lose many siblings to suicide -- the attempt rate in our community is over 40%. And there continue to be unreported trans deaths, reported deaths where the victim is not identified as trans, non-fatal assaults and much more. Trans people are not included in even basic civil rights laws in most states, and several states have anti-trans legislation in process -- in addition to the Trump administration’s attempts to undo trans rights progress on a national level.

And while I say here on my blog or on social media about the death details -- primarily to avoid further traumatizing my trans followers, especially those living at similar intersections as the victims -- it is vital to say that the great majority are shootings, and that this is yet another reason we desperately need gun control, and it is an LGBTQ+ and racial justice issue. Too, this past Wednesday June 12th was the 3rd anniversary of the mass shooting at the Pulse LGBTQ+ nightclub in Orlando, on Latinx Night, which took the lives of 49 people, most of them LGBTQ+, Latinx and young.

May all of my trans sisters, brothers and other siblings’ memories be blessings (as we say in Judaism) -- and call us to act, particularly at trans justice’s intersection with racial, immigration and economic justice! This month and every month, may we schlep towards tikkun olam, world repair, at the intersection of LGBTQ+, climate, racial, immigration, spiritual, fat, disability, and all other stripes of the rainbow of justice! May we never forget that white supremacy has always included cis supremacy, misogyny and transphobia! Amen!

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