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Sunday, September 25, 2016

DMV Fat-Friendly Community field trip to mini golf

My photo of the course’s seahorse statue at one of the holes, taken during one of my and Julia’s previous visits; I like seahorses, especially as they are dragon-like, and a trans*(-gender et al) symbol.

Today my partner Julia and I took the DMV* Fat-Friendly Community on a field trip to our city’s mini golf course.  I know, a city with its own mini golf course!  Gaithersburg MD, Julia’s hometown, is similar to my second hometown of Newton MA (first is Brookline MA), but for weather and other reasons I don’t think mini golf would be a good government investment there; (more) private mini golf is still pretty popular in MA though, especially at Summer vacation areas like Cape Cod.  We had a lot of interest in the event, but also a lot of scheduling conflicts – but we did have two other families join us, and all had a good time.  (*DC / MD / VA, as in District of Columbia / Maryland / Virginia; Julia founded the DMV FFC a few years ago.)

Here is the text of the Facebook event:

“DMV FFC Goes To G-Burg's Mini Golf

Come join Julia McCrossin and I at Gaithersburg's mini golf course (our town and her hometown)! We've been a few times, most recently on Labor Day weekend.

Start time is flexible (with notice), and we can host two rounds -- the last one must start by 6 (they close at 7, and the last players must start an hour before). Also, we have 6 free passes (residents $6, non $7, seniors $5/$6; groups of 10 $5).

And again, it is a pretty accessible place -- from Julia: "Just a note about accessibility, the course is not flat, but has paved walkways that are built for wheelchair/stroller access to each hole. Many, but not all, of the 18 holes have a sturdy metal bench for sitting. There is one pretty steep, but short, walk to a hole with a very steep incline."

Official site at

We will bring the remaining Birkenstocks Julia's mother is giving away, for those who want to try them on (see my post in DMV Fat-Friendly Community for details).”