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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bead Society of Greater Washington’s Bead Bazaar

One of the good things about going to the Indian Health Service Powwow yesterday is that we realized that the Bead Society of Greater Washington’s Bead Bazaar was in the adjacent gym yesterday and today; I went the next, and purchased the pictured.

A mustard seed pendant in glass and gold-toned metal from Artistic Investments; fat goddess beads in light purple Czech glass with an iridescent finish from Spirit Inc. – who made and is holding the flabulous sign; and a glass bone bead that is actually much more milk-and-honey from Biz.e.beads; $3 each.  And I actually have no plans for the goddess beads yet -- so get your orders in now.  

I’ve wanted mustard seed jewelry for many years, and have missed my chance a few times – and this was actually the first time the seller had put her only one out for sale; I especially like the faith-based meanings, and am enjoying Plochman’s page about mustard in seven traditions

Reformation Project -- Regional Conference

I didn’t get to the rest of The Reformation Project’s Regional Conference (which also has a Facebook Community) here in DC this past Thursday through Saturday (November 6th through 8th), as perhaps I should have, but I’m glad I schlepped in to the Trans Caucus on Friday night.

We had more than a dozen people, trans and allied (and more in spirit who were double-booked), and spent four hours together -- at National City Christian Church and the nearby original Thai Tanic restaurant (I know!! Turns out Thai restaurants with punny names are a thing here) -- facilitated by TransFaith's executive director Chris Paige.