Mycroft Masada is a nonbinary trans and queer Jewish leader with 30 years of experience who moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland (Montgomery County near Washington DC) from their lifelong home of Boston in 2014. A TransEpiscopal Steering Committee member and former Congregation Am Tikva board member, Mycroft is particularly called to pursue LGBTQ+ and fat justice, and is an advocate, organizer, consultant, educator, trainer, writer and artist. They are married to Julia McCrossin, the mas(s)culine fatshion blogger, and with her they co-parent a dogter. Their central online home is

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dim sum with the DMV Fat-Friendly Community

Had a great time today at Dim Sum Saturday! at the Hollywood East Cafe (Wheaton MD) with the DMV Fat-Friendly Community -- as in DC / MD / VA -- which my Julia founded.  My first time doing something in person with the DMV FFC, as well as my first visit to the Café. There were 9 of us around the table, and more than 60 others in the Facebook Group. There have been and will be other field trips, and some of us are planning on doing some intersectional fat activism together as well. So if you’re fat-friendly and in the DMV, or know someone who is, why not say hello? And special thanks to the member who really made today's yum happen

Friday, August 8, 2014

Flamingo Rampant's Book Club -- LGBTQ+-themed kids' books

Shabbat shalom!!

Through this coming Monday August 11th, Flamingo Rampant is Kickstarting a new project -- a Book Club of 6 new "empowering, celebratory LGBTQ2S-themed kids' picture books for 4-8 year olds, delivered right to your home or school every other month"-- for which they are seeking subscriptions.

FR apologizes that they couldn't get the above video properly subtitled -- click here for a subtitled version.

And when I commented “Wow. And mazel tov. Is this fat-positive / body-diverse / fat-justicey...?” on the Club's Facebook event page, S. Bear Bergman's rare and beautiful reply was “@Mycroft, the books will definitely, absolutely be body-diverse in terms of illustrations - fat people, people who use mobility and adaptive technology, and we'll see at least one person using sign language as well. Also, these people will be wearing cute clothes and doing fun things with their partners and families, not just stuck in a corner in a muumuu. There's not currently a specific body justice storyline planned for the first season, however, which I mention to be sure that no one has expectations we can't support.”

Also, Keshet interviewed Bear about the project.

We really need to teach our dogter Ursula to read!

Friday, August 1, 2014

My new business cards have arrived!

I made myself new biz cards, and they arrived today!  And are as they should be, yay.  I stuck with VistaPrint, and took advantage of their semi-annual sale -- though they are pretty much always having a good sale.  Here is the winning design and the other 10 finalists, chosen from VP’s 4700+ designs (!) -- which are all still so tempting that I rather wish I could do an assortment.  Although too, I could and maybe should have used my own design, including a photo.