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Sunday, February 7, 2016

TransFaith's Being Brave Together launches

My copy of the brand-new TransFaith Being Brave Together binder, along with the flamingo pen I got at the airport (I flew in and out of Fort Lauderdale).

February has already been an unusually trans-faithful(l) month -- even for me.

After accepting an invitation to be a founding member of TransFaith’s new National Council, I co-facilitated our first Being Brave Together retreat with TF Community Engagement Consultant Louis Mitchell, this past weekend in Miami.  TF Executive Director Chris Paige was the logistical host (thank you!!), and attendees included both local and long-distance trans and allied leaders as well as some TF board members (thank you all!!!).

We’re planning our next BBT retreat to be in Philadelphia in April. Want to be involved in that or others this year? Let us know at!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mycroft Masada ~ MasadArts ~ my artwork

These are some of the options for my sushi stationery sets -- little kits for making offline mail that look like boxes of takeaway sushi.

Happy 2016 -- and 5776, again -- and welcome to the MasadArts art department.   

I’ve updated my artwork portfolio, and made it into three albums: 
  • Stationery (greeting cards in several formats, gift tags / ornaments, keepsake books, sushi stationery sets…) 
  •  Jewelry (earrings, pendants, friendship pins…) 
  • Miscellaneous (wrapped pomegranates and candles, juice bottle cap tea-light holders, sunglasses cases…)
My work is mostly handmade, and made mostly of vintage / recycled / found / thrifted / gifted / reclaimed etc. materials; and I do take commissions, personalize, customize etc. 

I invite you to enjoy, Like / +1, comment, share, shop, etc.

My work makes good Valentines, among other things -- as do art lessons with my Aunt Pat in Boston

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tu B'Shevat 5776 (2016)

Happy Tu B'Shevat, Rosh HaShanah La'Ilanot -- the New Year of the Trees, the Birth Day of the Trees.

Not to be confused with the birthday of the Trews – the trans Jews. We were born on the Sixth Day along with everyone else – which includes people of all body sizes and shapes, dis/abilities, sexes / genders / sexualities, skin shades, and so on.

That is, if you believe in the right Scriptures, as I do.  ; > ))

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chris Hannon's memory has been a blessing for a year -- and yet...

Today is the first yahrtzeit of Chris Hannon, one of the very best friends and family members I’ve ever had, and ever will have – a year ago tonight, at the age of 37, he took his own life.

May his memory be a blessing (as we say in Judaism) -- his Earthly life continuing would be oh so much more of a blessing, but I believe that he lives on in many senses, and I know that his memory can continue to change and save lives. Both due to and despite his depression and other challenges, he lived an inspired and inspiring life -- and although he has left us too soon, he can help us prevent others from leaving before their time. (I am especially mindful of this as a member of the trans community, where the suicide attempt rate is over 40%.)

He has been in my thoughts and elsewhere every day, and in my dreams many nights. (Am I the only person who, during a dream about a dead loved one, realizes that they’re dead but not that I’m dreaming, and isn’t sure what I should do?)

These are the condolence cards I made for his mother and fiancé. And this is the blog post I wrote a year ago.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!!

Actually, New Year's was in September, and it's 5776.  But that's none of my business.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Happy Hanukkah 5776 / 2015

Happy Hanukkah 5776 / 2015 from the Westminster Flabby family!

This is one of our several menorahs, which I got at April Cornell's outlet shop in Boston's Quincy Market several years ago. And my mother-in-sin’s new Xmas tree from QVC; and the sign we got for our dogter Ursula from our Goodwill of Greater Washington that says “Who needs Santa Claus -- I’ve got Grandma” (and believe me, truer words--!).

Ursula also has a handmade menorah in the form of a felt wall hanging that uses dog treats as candles, by and from her Zia J, aka The Abundant Artisan.

Much more about our Chrismahanukwansolsticetc. adventures on my Facebook.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire -- 73rd anniversary (1942 - 2015)

Tonight is the 73rd yahrzeit of my paternal grandparents and great aunt – they died on November 28th of 1942, in the fire in Boston’s Cocoanut Grove nightclub, which killed almost 500 people; may their memories be a blessing.

When Adelaide (Levin) and Theodore Wasserman (pictured, probably on their honeymoon in Bermuda) and her sister Sadie (Levin) Levin(!) passed on, they were younger than their youngest grandchild my brother is now; my father was two, and his brothers were in infancy and seven. My great-uncle Benjamin Levin (Sadie's husband) survived.

Another of Adelaide's sisters, Lillian, and her husband, came down with the party from Maine, but as usual opted to go to the Symphony instead.  They began to find out about the fire after they left the Hall and saw all the emergency vehicles; they adopted their nephews, my father and his brothers.

And I do believe that this is intertwined with the social in/justice of Black Friday and beyond – especially as the fire was so much the result of corruption within and between the club ownership and the city, and the deaths and injuries largely due to the club’s furnishings becoming extremely toxic when heated.

I am missing my usual annual visit(s) to the Grove site (having moved to MD after a lifetime in MA). But I am grateful that through the Cocoanut Grove Coalition, there has finally been more acknowledgement and action; including a ceremony and reception in 2013 that I attended with my father, which unveiled a street sign saying “Cocoanut Grove Lane” ( I am still working on a detailed piece about this part of our family’s story.

My Aunt Pat, a professional artist in Boston, gives art lessons

One of my maternal aunts is Patricia Trapp, a professional artist in Boston. She offers art lessons, prints and stationery of her photography (of flowers, sun-catchers, and other things) as well as other crafts (including hand-painted eggs), and takes commissions for paintings and possibly other artwork.  I help her with her PR, especially because she's not online at all; my artwork is here.

Patricia Trapp, a professional artist in Boston, is offering art classes for individuals and small groups of all ages. She is also available for freelance mural work. She can be reached at 617.522.2046.

Classes include:

- Basic instruction in the fundamentals of painting

- Beginning through advanced techniques

- Brushwork 

- Color, light and shade / shadow, and perspective

- Describing form, how to build a painting

- Illustrating animals, landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes

- Creating natural textures, such as foliage

- How-to's of students' requests

- Ink, watercolor, acrylics and pastels -- no oils

There is a shopping list of basic required materials, which are to be purchased by students. 

Patricia is a native of the Boston area, and has been a professional artist here and in Europe for many years. She is currently a professional freelance muralist, for the decorators of the Boston Design Center and private clients. 

She attended Boston's Museum of Fine Arts' School, and received her BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Theatre Design from Boston University. She was the resident designer and head of the painting department at Decocitel in Brussels, Belgium. She has also been a designer and instructor at the University of Massachusetts / Boston, the Boston Conservatory, and the Boston and Brookline Public Schools (through a grant from the Massachusetts Council for the Arts), and currently teaches art in a Cambridge school. 

Please call her at 617.522.2046.

The above image is one of Patricia's commissioned paintings, done entirely by hand -- the original is 6 feet by 8 feet.  The below is a dragon t-shirt she made for me -- an iron-on transfer of a scan of her original 8”x10” painting, additional iron-on transfers of scans of her original painted framing corners, hand-applied 3D gold glitter t-shirt paint, hand-sewn beads.