Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Anna Mollow's "Disability Studies Gets Fat"

Anna Mollow’s “Disability Studies Gets Fat” is in Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy’s special issue on disability! Paid access only, but Anna has offered to e-mail the PDF upon request.

Julia and I were among those who gave feedback during the editing process; we’re acknowledged and J is quoted.

“This article invites disability scholars to “get fat,” that is, to support the goals of the fat justice movement.”

(This image isn't their current cover, but it is the one they're using as their primary image.)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

NAACP walk & rally supporting Black life - Montgomery County MD

Today was the Montgomery County MD NAACP chapter's walk and rally in support of Black life in Rockville, organized with many partners, especially from the faith community.  We heard about it through our church, Episcopal Church of the Ascension, and the Montgomery County Faith Community Advisory Council.

Due to my head cold, we didn't do the walk, but we did make it to and through the rally, and I'm glad.  Two highlights were Rev. Abhi Janamanchi, Senior Minister of Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church* and Isaih "Ike" Leggett, our County Executive -- he shared his own experiences of racial profiling, which he did again in a meeting with reporters which made it into this Washington Post story.

We were also very glad to see some of our other local queer / trans / faith people there with us.  And this evening was the debrief dinner for the Montgomery County MD Transgender Day of Remembrance committee, of which we and some of our fellow rally attendees are members, so that worked out well.  *Cedar Lane was the host of this year's MoCo MD TDOR event, and Rev. Abhi spoke at that too.  


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Distressed lest we should slay

My partner Julia and I went to the first hour of this tonight with a friend -- we would have stayed longer, but it seemed designed for the super-able-bodied, and since I was the only one of our party who is, we were soon left far behind.  But we found a good spot to rest, and another to have dinner and talk, and then we saw our friend off to a meeting about their housing and went home.

See here for more events in Boston, the rest of MA, the DMV and elsewhere today --

Also -- being anti-racist, being for social justice, being intersectional, is being anti-fatphobic. Michael Brown and Eric Garner's fatness are being used to try to help justify their murders. And this is far from new, small, confined to the margins or the Right, or otherwise excusable. So if you get it, address it. And if you don't, educate yourself today.

Also also -- I hope that many will see how good this week’s Torah portion is for talking about racism, anti-racism and the rest of social justice, and do so.

Jacob is “terrified” and “anxious” as he prepares to meet his twin Esau; twenty years before, Jacob stole their father’s blessing and was sent by his mother to her brother as Esau vowed to kill him. B'reishit Rabbah 76:2 says: “R. Judah bar R. Ilai asked: Are not fear and distress identical? The meaning, however, is that ‘he was afraid’ lest he should be slain and ‘he was distressed’ lest he should slay. For he thought: If Esau proves stronger than I, he might slay me, and if I prove stronger than he, I might slay him.”

We must master our fear, and reconnect with our distress – we must acknowledge and address our privilege and oppression – or we will continue to steal from and slay our siblings, and support the system that does, and call it self-defense.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mycroft Masada ~ MasadArts ~ my artwork

These are a pair of my wrapped and decorated pomegranates – you can see more of and about them and their friends in my “Miscellaneous” album.

Welcome to the MasadArts art department!   

I’ve updated my artwork portfolio, and made it into three albums: 
  • Stationery (greeting cards in several formats, gift tags / ornaments, keepsake books, sushi stationery sets…) 
  •  Jewelry (earrings, pendants, friendship pins…) 
  • Miscellaneous (wrapped pomegranates and candles, juice bottle cap tea-light holders, sunglasses cases…)
My work is mostly handmade, and made mostly of vintage / recycled / found / thrifted / gifted / reclaimed etc. materials; and I do take commissions, personalize, customize etc. 

I invite you to enjoy, Like / +1, comment, share, shop, etc.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

National Day of Mourning / UnThanksgiving / Thanksgrieving

The plaque on Cole's Hill; cover photo of the UAINE NDOM Facebook event, posted by organizer Mahtowin Munro.

Let us keep it in our minds, our mouths, and our movements that today is also the National Day of Mourning / UnThanksgiving / Thanksgrieving.

I’ve always wanted to go to the observance in Plymouth MA and still intend to – the 45th annual, organized by United American Indians of New England (UAINE), begins now and also has a Facebook event; I’ve been to Plymouth twice, in the 90s, on a school field trip and as part of a team training state employees on trans issues.

And in this last week of both Native American Heritage and Trans Awareness Months, a week after Trans Day of Remembrance, I am especially mindful of all the Native people of this land and others murdered by colonizers because of their sex / gender / sexuality non-conformity; may their memories be a blessing.

Here is the story, "National Day of Mourning Reflects on Thanksgiving’s Horrific, Bloody History".

‪#‎NAHM‬  #‎TransMonth‬  #‎NDOM‬  #‎TDOR‬

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2014

Today is the 16th annual international Transgender Day of Remembrance (‪#‎TDOR‬) -- we remember those taken by anti-trans violence and transphobia through murder and suicide, the hundreds this past year and the thousands throughout history. We work to center trans women of color, who continue to be targeted in our communities and country and around the world. May their memories be a blessing, as we say in Judaism.

There are events in my old and new homes tonight, including Lowell MA, DC and Baltimore. TransFaith has resources including the TDOR Unite project. And Keshet has more Jewish resources than you can shake a yad at.

I feel like today's Google Doodle is also appropriate for ‪TDOR‬, especially from a faith-based perspective. Today is also Corita Kent's birthday, and here she says "To understand is to stand under which is to look up to, which is a good way to understand." I first became aware of her because my paternal grandmother / great-aunt was a fan -- my grandmother's sister adopted my father and his brothers when their parents died in the Cocoanut Grove fire, 72 years ago next Friday. And growing up in metro Boston we saw Corita's "Rainbow Swash" on the gas tank in Dorchester many times.

Monday, November 17, 2014

May Leslie Feinberg's memory be a blessing

I learned today that Leslie Feinberg passed on this past Saturday (the day of the Montgomery County MD Transgender Day of Remembrance 2014). Where to begin? I think I first became aware of her/hir as a high school senior -- her book "Stone Butch Blues" was published the year I formally came out as trans. And several years later I met hir, when she/zie came to speak at Arlington Street Church where I was on staff. May hir memory be a blessing (as we say in Judaism, and Leslie's Jewish identity is part of what zie means to me).  Here is her obituary in the Advocate, written by her wife Minnie Bruce Pratt.  This graphic is the Advocate's, from Facebook.

And at MoCo MD TDOR, we shared Leslie's words for the Chalice Lighting: "Why are we different? Why have we refused to walk one of two narrow paths, but instead demanded the right to blaze our own? The question is not why were we unwilling to conform even when being beaten to the ground by ridicule and brutality.The real burning question is: How did we ever find the courage? From what underground spring did we draw our pride? How did each of us make our way in life, without a single familiar star in the night sky to guide us, to this room where we have at last found others like ourselves? And after so much of ourselves has been injured, or left behind as expendable ballast, many of us worry 'What do we have left to give each other? Upon what basis will we build something lasting between us?' We have the whole world to give back to each other."