Mycroft Masada is a nonbinary trans and queer Jewish leader with 30 years of experience who moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland (Montgomery County near Washington DC) from their lifelong home of Boston in 2014. A TransEpiscopal Steering Committee member and former Congregation Am Tikva board member, Mycroft is particularly called to pursue LGBTQ+ and fat justice, and is an advocate, organizer, consultant, educator, trainer, writer and artist. They are married to Julia McCrossin, the mas(s)culine fatshion blogger, and with her they co-parent a dogter. Their central online home is

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shana tova 5776!!!

Shana tova 5776!!!  May this be your best year yet.

Our Rosh Hashanah became super old school when we met this baby Eastern Kingsnake (?) during our family's Tashlich at Lake Needwood.  Zie was less than a foot long and half an inch wide, and we found them just a few inches from the shore of our private beach! Resting on the bottom and/or floating just above it, with just hir head above water, like a turtle or frog, flicking hir tongue in and out sometimes. As we followed, zie swam back and forth along the shore, not seeming to notice us, the minnows or Canada geese, but eventually sometimes partly hiding under rocks.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Time for the Second Annual Fat Activism Conference!

THE FAT ACTIVISM CONFERENCE (RE)LAUNCHED AT 12M PST / 3AM EST! Registration is open!!! The 2nd annual #FatActCon is Friday October 9th through Sunday October 11th and is virtual – you can listen live or later on your phone or computer; there will also be some pre-submitted and / or live Q&A.

And I’m going to be on a panel about faith! And if you register through this link -- or through the ads here on my blog or on Julia’s Tumblr -- -- I get 20%.

Generally it’s best to support fat fat-activists before thin ones like myself. And I will also be paid something for speaking, through profit sharing. At the same time, when you support me, you support my flabulous underemployed family – my fat fat-activist partner, our retired mother-in-sin / mother, and our dogter / grandogter Ursula...who is too spoiled to work.

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