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Monday, June 9, 2014

Rev. Cameron Partridge will be first trans priest to preach at Washington National Cathedral

My Massachusetts colleague Rev. Cameron Partridge is preaching at Washington National Cathedral on the 22nd!  The first openly trans priest to do so!  Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson -- first openly gay priest to become a bishop -- will preside. And Julia and I will be there! And there will be a live webcast.  Here is the Cathedral's post on their website; they had a similar flyer displayed at their Capital Pride festival booth yesterday.

Quite the purple-letter day for the Episcopal Church, Integrity USA, TransEpiscopal (Cameron co-chairs and I’m a member), my fellow alumni of Saint Luke’s & Margaret’s (SLAM; Cameron’s church in Allston/Brighton which closed), Interfaith Coalition for Transgender Equality (Cameron’s a founder and former co-chair) and others.

Here’s the Huffington Post piece, which includes TransFaith, Saint Paul's Cathedral Boston, and more.
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