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Friday, September 23, 2011

THIS SUNDAY - Squawk & Gobble : A Rad Fatty Fun(d)raiser - Oakland, CA

THIS SUNDAY is Squawk & Gobble : A Rad Fatty Fun(d)raiser in Oakland, CA! Hosted by the flabulous Marilyn Wann (, who will be doing a webcast or otherwise sharing video, for posterity and those of us who alas can't attend unless they invent a rad fatty teleporter.

Facebook event:

And here's that text:

Squawk & Gobble - a rad fatty fun(d)raiser

Sunday, September 25 · 6:00pm - 10:00pm
390 - 27th St. (between Telegraph & Broadway)
Oakland, CA

BAND: Nothin' But Fun
Special Guest: Joe Libin on drums

Spaghetti Dinner!
(gluten-free options)

Belly bumps!

Dorky dancing & music video videotaping!
Rewriting song lyrics for body-poz content!

Live *WEBCAST* for fatties of all sizes everywhere to enjoy!
~ ~ ~
Your host, Marilyn Wann, will officially announce plans for...

- the 2012 Rad Fatty Dayplanner!
- the Weight Diversity Action Lounge
(W.D.A.L. -or- waddle!)
~ ~ ~
$10 suggested donation.
Accessible facility: Entrance from 28th St.
Please don't wear scents.
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