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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Adipositivity Project (fat-positive art photos) has added!

The Adipositivity Project is photographer Substantia Jones’ wonderful fat-positive art photography.

WARNING – most photos are NSFW (not safe for work).

Here's the rest of my previous post about Adipositivity:

Adipositivity has added!
"The self-serve sister of The Adipositivity Project."
WARNING -- UF is also NSFW.

Here's the official announcement:

"Now there's an AdipositiviYOU. For all genders! Beginning today, you may go to and submit your own Adipositivity-esque photos. So get fat, get naked, and get your camera. And go to"

And here's the About from

"Folks regularly write to The Adipositivity Project asking whether they might submit a photo of their own sweet, sweet ass. Sadly, the answer’s always been no, as the project is the effort of a sole photographer (that would be me).

Finally, I’ve done something to fix that. is a team-curated, tumblr-humpin’ do-it-yourself Adipositivity Project for your body-focused submissions of artful photographs, positively representing fat women and men and their partners. Think of it as AdipositiviYOU.

I’ll also occasionally post outtakes and also-rans from The Adipositivity Project here.

So have at it, Fatties! Feeling fatogenic? Get naked and get the camera. I look forward to… seeing you.

Substantia Jones"
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