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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coming Soon – My 2008 Work

“That’s a very noble story.”


"Stories can be whimsical, or frightening, or melancholy, or many other things. But noble stories are the ones that can most affect our lives. May I have your permission to tell others this story?”

“Sure. It’s no secret.”

“But stories are an essential part of every person’s being. I would never share one without permission.”

Eudana and Ensign Harry Kim
Star Trek : Voyager
Season 1, Episode 10 – “Prime Factors
March 8, 1989

I want to summarize my work during 2008 here, but am still writing it up and deciding how to present it. I probably won’t be able to do create and post an entry for each workday -- for one thing, there's too much backlog. I may create a Word document that’s a summary and update this entry with that link (a link to the document in my Google Docs).
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