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Friday, July 25, 2008

Trans Is My Bag, Baby – Now, Literally

As you may know, JanSport makes a model line of their bags (backpacks etc.) called Trans. I learned of them several years ago, when I saw them being used by GLBT colleagues (who bought them primarily because they were the right bags, including the way they looked, and secondarily because of the name). The bags have “trans:” embroidered on them, and cast onto all their metal zippers. I wonder if JanSport or any of their resellers gets it yet.

I’ve wanted one ever since -- in blue, my favorite color. Yesterday, my best friend / sister / colleague Laurie Wolfe (no direct links yet *coughs pointedly in her direction*) saw one at one of our local TJMaxxes – at an extremely cheap price.

So today I went, saw and bought it. YAY! It even looks like a blue dragon, which is one of my identities and therefore my primary symbol. I’m having fun thinking about how to decorate it.

Usually I use dressier and/or smaller bags. But this bag has several uses, and it will be especially good for trans workdays when I have to schlep a lot of things (like my beloved 'handouts', paper materials) -- particularly if it's raining etc. It’s even made for a laptop. It has so many features that I’ll probably never use them all at once, but that’s good.

I’d link you to one, but I can’t find it online – it seems I’m even luckier than I thought. Maybe I’ll take a digital photo of it.

As Austin Powers (Man of Mystery) would say: that’s my bag, baby.

~ Mycroft, Trans of Mystery
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